I Belive in Love


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Olivera Olja Jelkić has been doing humanitarian work with Gypsy children without parents, placed in foster families for 15 years. Dozens of children went through her programs and the programs of her State of Children Dekalend. Drama studio is one of the programs. Children play their life stories, which Olja turns into drama texts, composes songs and together with their teacher Zlatko Vuletić stages the plays.

Protege Šerifa

Šerifa is a girl who started school at the age of 10. Placed in a foster family. The father abandoned six children and emigrated to Germany where he founded a new family. The mother was placed in a sanatorium. Šerifa is hard-working, clever, talented, neat and beautiful. She paints little free libraries in Dekalend.She wants to express everything that lies within her. Olja writes the text for the monodrama ″I BELIEVE IN LOVE“ for her. The teacher Zlatko directs it, with the instructions from the internationalGRUUB foundation,which deals with the inclusion of Gypsies. Maja designs the poster.
Šerifa wins at all drama creation reviews and reaches the state competition. She is pronounced the best actress, the text was judged to be the best text. Šerifa actually just told her life story.

It was in 2017. Šerifa graduates from elementary school at the age of 17 and a half years, as she enrolled in the first grade at the age of 10. She was an excellent student. She has a boyfriend Marko (21). Pretty, blonde, tall. Croatian. Lives with his parents in Italy. Šerifa’s father, somewhere in Germany, arranges a marriage for Šerifaand takes 20,000 euros. ALARMS ARE GOING ON IN DEKALEND!!!

Šerifa and Markowant to get married.Department of Social Servicesdoes not allow it. They do not react to the marriage her father had arranged! The foster family does not react!Nobody cares. State officials do not react!Her father had already sold two of her sisters, a year or two older than her. Zlatica and Dragana unfortunately did not know Olivera. They went through hell.
Marko arrives from Italy. He does not leave her side. They hold hands and go from one institution to the other seeking help. At any moment, the old man who bought himself a beautiful young bride can come along and take her away.
The two of them come to Dekalend. Olivera acts as a lawyer. She files criminal charges to the prosecutor’s office for human trafficking against the father, Mustafa. She acquires the consent from the court that Šerifa and Marko can get married. She and Marko schedule the wedding for the next day.The foster family throws Šerifa out on the street. Dekalend provides shelter and organizes the wedding. Olivera and the teacher Zlatko are witnesses at the wedding.
The next day after the wedding, Šerifa and Marko leave for Italy. In 2019, they have a daughter Melissa. They work at fruit plantations. They buy a house in the town Ferrara at The Adriatic Sea.
Happy. And we together with them.