The novel »Barking« is intended for young adults. Olivera Olja Jelkić once more tackles a very hot topic in society, and it is: our personal influence on other people. Whether we, through our doing or undoing, have contributed to the society being what we do not want, through our actions, could change something or redirect someone’s life to the other, more humane side.

The novel deals with a young woman’s fate, a victim to primitive surroundings, naive and unprotected, who finds herself in prison. The authoress, who is very familiar with the conditions »behind the bars« as a former Prison warden and an advisor to the Justice Minister, safety in prisons, expertly and rather plastically depicts life in prison, all the traps that one easily falls into and makes you think. Is it worth it?

Through dilemmas and musings of the main character, Cherry, the authoress urges one to think before making a wrong move.She sheds light on the dark side of the people who put her in the situation, which she will suffer for her entire life and be marked as a second-class citizen.