Theatrical Work

Olivera Olja Jelkić is the author of many plays for children.They are performed by professional theaters, amateur theaters, children in school sections, but certainly also the “Dekalend” Theater.In her dramatic work, just like in her novels, she follows current topics that concern children: child trafficking, abuse, peer violence, problems of children with special needs, and similar issues.

As a result, Olivera Olja Jelkić’s dramatic opus is the subject of several master’s works, specialist studies, as well as graduate students’ theses.

Translated into several languages, her plays have been performed abroad, even in Beijing. Olivera Olja Jelkić mostly writes music for her plays. There are several performances in which she sings her songs.

Also, Zmaj Children’s Games from Novi Sad, as the oldest and most important international institution for children’s literature, published a collection of monodramas for children, which were performed at the Monodrama Festivals for children as part of Zmaj Children’s Games.

Olivera tried her hand at writing screenplays for TV shows as well. A TV show “12 words” by a film director Jelena Stolica, and a cast of the most significant actors in the region was real-ized in 2021. Olivera contributed to the screenplay, and has a walk-on part of a judge.

It is a modern story about young people, where a cryptocur-rency emerges as the news on the world market. Olivera’s son Andrej is one of the producers of the TV show.

The pictures of the biggest festival for children and children’s literature in EX YU region, Zmajeve deje igre, Novi Sad, where Olivera Olja Jelkic is a mandatory participant for almost three decades. Novi Sad is her hometown and it’s called “The Serbian Athens”, and in 2021 it is the European capital of cul-ture.
Scene from drama play “Nije zemlja šinobus” based on the book by Olivera Olja Jelkić, is dedicated to the persecution of those who are different. This play was a humanitarian event, and all the proceeds went to the Foundation: ″SUPPORT LIFE“ for children’s medical care
Jovan Ćirilov one of the greatest people of Serbian, Yugoslavian and European culture, co-founder, art director and a selector of BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival), a long-time manager of Yugoslav Drama Theatre, a dramatist of Atelier 212, a prominent theatrologist, writer, a society and theatre chronicler, a columnist, an interpreter, a polyglot, a lexicographer, a caricaturist, an interdisciplinary author of the 21st century.

He established the production dramaturgy guidelines of the play ″The Earth is not a railbus″by Olivera Olja Jelkić.

Borka Pavićević was a Yugoslav and Serbian dramatist, columnist and cultural activist. The founder of ″The Center for Cultural Decontamination“ in Belgrade, where more than 5,000 events were organized. Was awarded the Legion of Honor by the French Government in 2001.