Singer Songwriter

I like to play. I really do. And not only do I love, but I also can do it.”

One talent never goes alone.They appear in pairs or groups.It does not mean that someone is gifted and someone is not.That means that someone managed to discover the talents.That is how Olivera Olja Jelkić, a children’s writer, a fighter for children’s rights, a lawyer, a book promoter, an oral narrator, a master candidate in chess, discovered her talent for music as a child.Music followed her throughout life, but very discreetly, until she met her talent as a social animator, which excelled in many fields.At the age of 55, she, with her high school friends, formed their own band, named “KvinTete” (a coin made up of the English word “queen” and the Serbian word “tete”, which means older ladies). The band was open to allelderly women, who would like to try their hand at music.

That’s when she started creating songs for “KvinTete”.She also writes music and lyrics, and she plays, mostly guitar.Sometimes she plays accordion or ukulele.

And then she returned to her main interest – children.She has created many wonderful songs for children.Then she began cooperation with the Children’s Choir “Piccolo” from Sremska Mitrovica and the conductor and pianist MA Dušanka Gavrilović. This is how CDs for children were created: Happy Sunflowers ….

The Tamburitza Orchestra “Srem” also performs many of her songs. Children love to sing and listen to them. The CD is not for sale. It is given as a gift to children, including matrices, so that children can sing songs on their own. She is the author of more than a hundred songs that are on CDs, as well as in the database of children’s programs on television and radio stations. That is why the children’s choir prepared a surprise birthday party for her, where they performed music written by Olivera Olja Jelkić.

The Choir “Piccolo“ with its conductor MA Dušanka Gavrilović, a pianist, a faithful companion of Olivera Olja Jelkić, just like Srem Tamburica Orchestra with its conductor professor Zorica Opačić, often and gladly perform the compositions of Olivera Olja Jelkić.

The Tamburitza Orchestra “Srem” performs many of her songs.

Olja Jelkić playing songs she wrote for children.

Guest performance in Budapest at the manifestation: MOTHER LANGUAGE DAYS, 25th of FEBRUARY, 2019. „Nikola Tesla“ school marked this day by the guest performance of Olivera Olja Jelkić, who together with her guest Dušanka Gavrilović MA in piano and the choir PICCOLO leader taught the elementary school pupils a couple of songs by Olivera Olja Jelkić.

Those were the songs from the CD „Srećosnili suncokrili″, which she published with the choir Piccolo a year before. Both children and the teachers sang.

The evening was dedicated to the Gymnasium students, who Olivera introduced her novel ″Ludwig″ to. The novel was dedicated to Beethoven from the period when he was their peer and when he was searching for his first love Jeanette d’Hontar.

A decade ago, Olivera Olja Jelkić started her band KvinTete (queens ladies) comprising her high school friends. The composition of the band is conceived as ″open“ KvinTete plus, with the invitation to all ″third age″ women to dare and sing with KvinTete. Olivera herself mostly writes and composes the music, but they also revive old and nearly forgotten hits. Kvintete aren’t singers. They are the women who like to sing. Olivera often says it’s”Musical yoga“.

Many members have gone through difficult periods in life, so singing is returning their will. Kvintete also tried their hand at the theatre as well. They actively participated in a theatre play The Earth is not a railbus, where they played the roles of the Gypsies who sing four songs that Olivera wrote for that occasion. KvinTete: Snežana, Bisa, Senka, Snežana, Olja.

“And so, you begin to believe in the yarn, in dreams, in yourself. What did I do to deserve the honor to spin this exact yarn, weave it with a pitchfork, create this bridge and place it between book covers. I live it for the travelers, dreamers and priers, who will take a look inside the book and bring the images back to life.”