Case of Mustaches

In her “Detective trilogy” comprising three novels for children in the area of children’s fantasy, the authoress takes her main character Great detective Big Mickey into the world of computers, so that he can fight his arch-enemy Computer Virus. In 2002, when the book was published, it was a big evil and kids imagined it in different ways.

Imagination took Olivera Olja Jelkić inside a computer, where the main character entered through a scanner. Together with him, there is his faithful associate Gabrrriel Gavrrranovich the Mustachioed, a raven of 100 years of age, who gathered nuggets of wisdom in that century of life. They experience various adventures in computer hardware in order to eventually find that evil of the new age called Computer Virus, and defeat it.

The novel was proclaimed “The novel of the year” and it received the award of Zmajeve dečje igre, as an International Center for children’s literature.