Karate It`s a Song

All the songs in this world are recorded somewhere. The one who can find where they are written can recognize them in people, in things and all around us, and he can put them down on paper.

And songs usually hide somewhere near the heart, somewhere in the soul, and they can only be recognized by the one who knows where souls live, who can observe, respect, trust and love carefully.

There, that’s how songs are written.

Karate poem is a sort of karate manual for children. Through rhyme and verse, transfers to children what has never been written, which was transferred through an oral tradition, and those are karate katas. The book deals with four students’ karate katas, so that children can easily learn them at home by heart like a song, without the assistance of the teacher can repeat them by themselves.

Besides karate katas, this sort of a textbook explains through poetry other elements and mechanisms of karate as well, so the educational material for the karate beginners is completed.