The Earth Is Not A Railbus

THE EARTH IS NOT A RAILBUS is written as a monodrama. It is played in theaters in 2013, on many stages in the region.

The authoress, provoked by the graffiti: STOP THE EARTH FOR THE GYPSIES TO DISEMBARKagain asked for the help of the Muses, patrons of the art, and succeeded in waking the emotions in the public and making them think.
A railbus, an archaic rail vehicle, received its role. The main character, a Gypsy, is ready to disembark once they stop the Earth. If only Gypsies are the obstacle to the planet living in happiness, she would gladly sacrifice herself. She will take with her only a couple of her things: gypsy music, happiness mixed with sadness and the moon’s silver.

The authoress, humorously, but still very heartbreakingly speaks through the main character about the plight of those who ″aren’t the same″, who are a bit different.

When the Earth stops in the end, and when the moment comes for the main character to disembark from the Planet to a celestial wasteland, her reason rebels, and she says: (sledeći inset će već biti preveden na engleski pa se ne mora prevoditi)