A Book About the Main Character

A novel for children “A book about the main character” is a novel by Olivera Olja Jelkić, which is in the domain of children’s fantasy novels. The novel follows a parallel story about a boy called Vedran, who together with his friendSarah, and a dog Teddy and a cat Masha, guided by children’s curiosity, literally drop into an unfinished novel by a local writer. They fall through clean white pages like through an endless tunnel, until they grab hold of the previously written lines. At that moment, they realize that they have become the main characters of the novel and that they can exit it only after finishing the story they started, namely, through novel content which is usually at the end of a book.

The main characters realize that they are in a conundrum that they have to solve and they come to grips with all the traps that the novel creates. At all times, they are aware of both, reality and fantasy and they play that double game.