Oral Narration

“The impression of creating can be deceptive, and I am no longer sure if I am giving or receiving. Whatever it is, I’m grateful to each of my books, for choosing me precisely to write it.”

Letters are not the signs that are used to write words. Letters are much more than that. Letters provide the opportunity to reach the unreachable regions, to feel the most delicate emotions, for a man to know wisdom.

Some people do not have access to that. Not only are they doomed to the eternal darkness, and robbed of light, but they are also robbed of their letters and all that they hide and guard.

If we take a look in the world of the blind and the visually impaired, we will realize… realize how privileged we are.

There is indeed the Braille. There are schools for the blind and the visually impaired, but Braille only records a small portion of the world’s culture.

In cooperation with the Association of the Blind of Serbia, several audio editions of Olivera Olja Jelkić’s novels have been published. She is recorded reading them. And she does it superbly, with emotions and love. If the main heroine cries, she cries, if she the heroine sings, she also sings.

A third of the citizens in Serbia and the region is FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE! It means that every third citizen in the street is functionally illiterate, and has never read a single book!

Just as Olivera Olja Jelkić works with marginal groups of children and individually pulls them out of the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance, in accordance with a Jewish proverb: »Whoever saves one life saves the world entire«, that’s how the EX YU Region itself is precisely one such being that ought to be rescued and pulled out of the darkness of illiteracy, unavailability of books, and ignorance.

In these circumstances in Serbia and the Ex Yugoslavia Region, one of the methods is ORAL NARRATION.

The authoress Olivera Olja Jelkić agreed that her audio editions can be freely used in the whole region where Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and other related languages.

Her audio editions that she recorded in the studio of the Association of the Blind of Serbia and which the Association published are publicly available to the people who aren’t visually impaired as well.