Little Free Libraries

“It is a great joy to build a stage for the truth, so that we would have someone to bow before, so that the Sun would smile, the Moon would dance, the Earth would continue along its path, as God commands. Bow before the truth, together.”


It’s on the street, waits only for you,
A house with books, colorful and cute.

The book is on loan, you need to know,
You must leave it for others kids to go.

Read it quickly and then put it back,
Because the friend chooses this book to get.

If you put your book in this house
Don’t expect it to meet it for use.

Wish the best of luck and everyone to choose it,
To touch someone’s souls when they get to read it.

Use those books: the first, the second, the third,
Serve yourself freely and have luck like a bird.

Olivera Olja Jelkić is the creator, founder and donor of Little Free “Dekalend” Libraries. She considers this her mission. Bringing the book closer to children, especially to those to whom the book is not available, to children in whose village there is only a four-year school, to children in whose house there are no books, is a great undertaking.

Helping a child to become educated, to go a step higher than its environment, is the meaning of this project, because success in life requires three things: education, education and education.

Little Free Libraries were founded about ten years ago and exist in about a hundred locations, both in Serbia and abroad. Every school or village, which addressed Olivera Olja Jelkić, received a library, together with a bench made of crayons, which became a favorite place for gathering children, socializing with books and each other.