Four paws

A novel for children”Four paws” is a romantic story about a bear Asia born in a gypsy camp, as a slave. It was a real world for her, hard and cruel. She went to “dancing classes” so that the camp could have some use of her. Her true nature, walking on four paws was forbidden, ruined by hot, heated tin, where she would stand up on two legs so as to reduce pain, and thus, make an impression that she was dancing. It would be followed by the sound of drums, so she would stand on two paws and sway whenever she heard the sound of the drums.

However, at one moment, Asia, guided by her instincts, breaks the chains of slavery and escapes to the deep forests of the Carpathians.Asia wanders the forests until she is found by the workers in the reservation “Four Paws” at mountain range Rila, somewhere in Bulgaria.

The reservation was established so that the bears, which Gypsies made to “dance”, could return to their natural surroundings and learn how to walk on four paws again.

The novel is fantastical, but, at the same time, real. It is emotional and makes children think deeply.