A Geometric Fairy Tale

A GEOMETRIC FAIRY TALE is another thematically completely unusual novel for children which the authoress uses to lift the veil off a branch of mathematics, geometry, andbrings it closer to children and tames it. This is another novel in the domain of children’s fantasy novels, where geometrical images and bodies come to life, when the geometry cabinet is empty. They follow the teacher »Pythagoras« and a female teacher »Symmetry« and enjoy their romance which is perceived through the novel. However, not everyone enjoys it. A protractor Measurely is also in love with the teacher »Symmetry« and wants to die of envy, when he sees that she goes with teacher »Pythagoras« to a nearby patisserie, which they go to determine whether a cream pie is a cube or a cuboid.

After meeting the characters from this novel, children will see geometry from another perspective and with sympathy, and understand the relations among geometrical bodies and images.