The Lego Heart


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Anessa asks Olivera if she can write a monodrama for her as well, like she did for Šerifa. The topic. MUM. Knowing that Anessa, who is placed in a foster family, has not seen her mother for ten years, she writes the monodrama THE LEGO HEART. Anessa displays a strong will in learning for it. The teacherZlatko Vuletić directs, Olja writes a song, Maja designs a poster. The same team, the team that wins.

Anessa premieres in a monodrama at MPs club in Belgrade, on the occasion of marking the International Roma Day on April 8th, 2019.

After that, she performs at Zmajeve dečje igre, at drama creation reviews it is declared the best monodrama.

Anessa finishes elementary school. A C-grade pupil. 15 years of age.THE FATHER ARRANGES A MARRIAGE AT THE PRICE OF 3,000 euros!!! The exact sum he owed to the father of a 14-year-old boy, who the father is allegedly!!! buying a wife for! Anessa is hypnotized. She says the father is to be obeyed. Fear, dread. Uncertainty.

Once more, Olivera and the teacher react. They enroll her in high school for tourism and catering. They talk to the teachers, the principal. They change foster family and separate her from her surroundings. They take her to various competitions. Look after her. Provide her with a motive to love.

Anessa is 18 now. She’ll soon graduate from high school. She’ll be employed with the assistance of The Roma National Council. Another soul saved.