Stop The Planet


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I like to play. I really like it. Perhaps, someone would think it simple. No, no. One has to have the skill. Not everyone can do it. It needs practicing. Training. Play is art, and only such play creates better people.

If you know how to play, it means you’re still a child. No, nobody needs to know it. Those who are not one wouldn’t understand it. They’d misinterpret it. So, if you know how to play, play and enjoy. It strengthens the body and soul. Play and make no justifications to anyone. You’re doing the right thing.
Since Zmajeve dečje igre and I met, I’ve found a ″play mate″. It’s not a small thing. Play isn’t complete, if you don’t have someone to share it with. The more you share it, the more it multiplies.

And so, we are ″playing″ for three full decades. It isn’t little. In three decades, a child grows up and becomes a man, in three decades, a worker completes his working life, in three decades, a tree grows sky high, in three decades, the Earth revolves thirty times around the Sun, and around its axis eleven thousand times. It isn’t little. And not only have we played for so long, but we plan on playing further, more and more nicely.

And so you know, that play of ours isn’t mere entertainment. It’s been more than play for a long time. The more we play, the more happiness we create and we enjoy more. That’s why we last, because we love to play. And we know how to. We really do. And we last because we love. And love that we love.
Olivera Olja Jelkić, a writer for children and young adults