My name is Alma

A novel for young adults″My name is Alma″ was published in 2021. Olivera Olja Jelkić again comes to grips with difficult, current and very sensitive topics. This time she has chosen to write about ″transgender″. This is a topic which is still a big taboo, and presents a life obstacle to a greater number of young adults.

The novel simultaneously deals with several very neuralgic topics.
The main character, Dusan, who is, due to his noticeable inclinations, called a girl’s name ″Dusa″, is a Gypsy. That already entails a lot of stigmas, so his life by his very birth is already the path of thorns. Besides, as he grows so his inclinations toward ″pink″ and dolls get more noticeable, although the surroundings force him to hide it.

In one moment, he breaks the shackles, and clearly and loudly states his inclinations,and that’s when he gets the name ALMA, which also means ″soul″.
He departs for the big city in search of happiness. But, happiness is not what we imagine it to be. And it is never pure and on its own. Alma goes through ups and downs.

Sex change appears to have solved her problem. But, society never fully accepts it. Half the world knows not how the other half lives. Alma goes through the prison hell, where nature again demonstrates its power, over plastic surgery.
Alma is intended for young adults, both those who see themselves in the main character, and those who can see themselves in the ones who have the wrong reaction to someone else’s suffering, troubles and problems.