Grandma Mara`s Kitchenette


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MONODRAMA ″GRANDMA-MARA’S KITCHENETTE“ by Olivera Olja Jelkić, performed by actress Jelica Brestovac inthe State of Childrenon stage of „Pozorište dvorište“.

Grandma – Maralives in her own world. The most important thing is that children aren’t hungry. Her grandson – a vegetarian, arrives from Belgrade for his spring break. The collision of these two worlds in Grandma– Mara’s kitchenette. The grandson nibbles on some almonds, while grandma Mara prepares a traditional lunch of Vojvodina. She’s actually prepared a mound of food. She is ashamed because the grandson is so skinny, as if he didn’t have anything to eat. She tries to convince him that a sausage is full of vitamins.

And, finally, Grandma – Mara has to eat all the food she prepared so that ″it doesn’t go to waste“.