Little Prince Plaque awarded to the novel Geometrical Fairytale

The International Children’s Festival “Vezeni Most” in 2022 delighted many children and children’s authors this year as well. This year, the novel “Geometrical Fairytale” by Olivera Olja Jelkić, published by HERAedu in 2021, was nominated for this award.

“Geometrical Fairytale” is, in some parts, a fairytale only figuratively, considering that the characters are from the real world. Students, aunties, teachers. However, the emphasis is on the “animated” images, figures, and tools from the geometry classroom.

In a witty and spontaneous manner, the story introduces readers to a world that seems intimidating to many students, a world they often shy away from due to its complexity. The images, figures, and didactic aids, or as we usually call them, become real characters, named after their basic characteristics. They talk, fall in love, sometimes get jealous and envious. Occasionally, they act important, and at times, they help each other when needed. Presented in this way, they are very similar to humans or, to put it more precisely, to students. This is the first step towards getting to know them better.

Little Prince Plaque awarded to the novel 'Geometrijska bajka