Olivera Olja Jelkić Receives Ana Frank Award at Vuk’s Legacy

Olivera Olja Jelkić was honored with the prestigious Ana Frank Award on May 22, 2023, at the Vuk’s Legacy. This esteemed award is jointly presented by the publishing house “Feniks” and the Foundation for Cultural and Scientific Promotion and Presentation “Macedonia Prezent” from Skopje.

Since 2010, the Ana Frank Award has been recognized for outstanding contributions to cultural communication, collaboration, and exchange, particularly in the field of literature for children and young adults.

Olivera Olja Jelkić, a renowned author known for her work in the realm of children’s literature, was celebrated for her remarkable literary contributions, which have significantly enriched cultural connections and collaborations. Her dedication to crafting captivating and educational stories for young readers has left a lasting impact on literature for children and adolescents.

During the award ceremony, Ms. Jelkić expressed her gratitude for this prestigious recognition, emphasizing the importance of fostering a love for literature and cultural exchange among young readers.

The Ana Frank Award continues to be a beacon of recognition for those who strive to enhance cultural understanding and promote literature for the younger generation, making Olivera Olja Jelkić’s achievements even more commendable. Her work will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations of young readers and strengthen cultural bonds.